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Let the Pain and Stress Melt Away

Jimmy Chavez, Licensed Massage Therapist

Alleviate the stress from the daily grind with help from Jim's Massage Service in Riverside, California. I offer a variety of revitalizing massage services for men and women, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage. Allow me to ease soreness and loosen muscle tightness, so you can feel your best.

Benefits of Massage

There is a significant amount of research that supports what many clients are already aware of: Massage therapy can help alleviate or prevent a number of common ailments that are often treated with medicine or hospitalization. It is based on the ability of the body to naturally heal itself.


Swedish Massage

This massage targets circulation by increasing oxygenation in the bloodstream which assists in flushing out toxic debris, a build up of toxins can impair muscle health making you feel stiff and tired.

Deep Tissue


It is similar to the circulatory massage for problem areas. This massage employs very firm pressure over the entire body, allowing your therapist to incorporate different styles and techniques into your massage experience.



It is similar to the deep tissue massage, but also incorporates stretching of the limbs and muscle areas of concern. This massage allows better blood flow to help heal the body.

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